Looking for a Sample Essay Plan as You Don’t Have Knowledge?

Sample Essay Plan

Looking for guidelines how to plan an essay? Your search ends here because, with us, you can buy essay online as well as get a free sample essay plan. Essay writing is a skill that can be learned through practice and concentration. Sometimes students go directly to the library or start reading books, generals, and articles online once they get a question or topic to write an essay. Thus they spent more time and energy or reading and making notes and after getting messed up with notes they get stuck on how to turn these notes into a coherent piece of writing. This approach is not right.

The right and smart approach are to plan your essay. You might b wondering how an essay can be planned if you don’t know the answer to the essay question or any information on a topic. Don’t think like that. Planning will make your essay writing task, simple and organized and you will feel a sense of satisfaction as you have completed the first step in writing your essay.

Planning an essay is the task of sorting out on what you are going to include in your essay. Through essay plan, the writer, in fact, puts his ideas in order making the points logically and clearly stated. The plan helps the marker. An essay plan consists of three main parts;

Introduction or Thesis Statement:

You can write one line or sentence to state your thesis or introduce the reader to essay topic.

Middle Part>Discussion>Possible Main Points:

In the middle part, the writer has to discuss main arguments related to topic or thesis statement. You will find different opinions on a topic in the literature; some will be in favour of thesis statement while others may be against it. A good essay must cover both the arguments and then carefully analyze it.

Arguments in Favor of Your Topic:

State the possible arguments in 1- 2 lines or just leave this part because you will only find the exact information in your essay plan after reading the material related to your topic.

Arguments Against the Topic:

Write possible arguments against thesis statement or just leave it for final write up. Once you have completed your reading or desk work, you can simply turn your essay plan into an essay outline.


In the conclusion, you have to conclude the whole discussion giving an answer to the research question as well as stating your own opinion. This part also can be written while writing an essay outline or final essay.

Though you can write your essay by following the steps as well as best references as mentioned above but sometimes, the topic or question is tough and it is difficult to find relevant material. Sometimes, a student cannot write their essay because of the shortage of time. Or simply, you are not sure of your essay plan and want expert help who may provide clearer essay plan as well as final essay then essay writing service is here to help you.