Different Types of Discursive Essays That You Don’t Know

Types of Discursive Essays

A discursive essay as we all know is a formal piece of writing that is written to discuss a point. There are generally two main types of discursive essays that you should know to be able to differentiate between them.

  • Persuasive essays
  • Argumentative essays

By reading any discursive essay, you must believe that this is a persuasive essay which it is not. A persuasive essay is not a discursive essay but it one of the two types of the discursive essay. This article explores main difference and all details about a discursive essay that is briefly explained here by our essay writing services experts. Let’s see the differences between the persuasive and the argumentative essay to understand what their purposes are.

Persuasive Essay:
The main role of Persuasive essay writing:

Establishing facts and ideas in a correct order to support the argument.

  • Giving importance to the reader’s perspective.
  • Prioritizing facts and arranging them to build the argument.
  • Communicating your ideas with confidence, with the audience.
  • Every essay follows the same structure for the essay writing except for some.
  • In the conclusion, the writer brings the reader’s attention towards the solution and he does not force them to believe him but state the facts and given reasons.

Hence, the purpose of persuasive essay writing is to persuade the reader.

Argumentative Essay:
The main role of constructing an argumentative essay:

  • Argumentative essays are more formal in nature than persuasive essays.
  • The writer is supposed to give a very strong and solid evidence to support his argument.
  • The persuasive essay may use personal opinion and emotion but an argumentative essay uses more numbers, figures, quotes from papers and books etc that are well cited.
  • Argumentative essay writing takes a lot of time, practice and a lot of work.

While you understand the use and the difference between two different types of discursive essays, you should also know that the types fulfil their specific purposes and they can’t be mixed or confused with each other. There are general discursive essay writing rules that apply to both types, they are:

  • Avoid contractions at all cost. Do not use ‘don’t, can’t, won’t, couldn’t’ etc. Always use the full form of the words and write them completely.
  • Do not use the kind of language that has slangs in it. Use a formal tone.
  • Before any type of discursive essay starts, you must do your research on the topic and have the points of arguments ready to be discussed in the essay.
  • When you are writing a discursive essay, you should know yourself if you are writing an argumentative essay or a persuasive essay.
  • Do not force the reader to accept your point of view, work on the pieces of evidence and the grounds your argument is based on.

Discursive essay writing takes a lot of work because it is on the formal side and it uses formal language. Before you construct a discursive essay, make an outline so that you know if you have enough to convince the reader. Present a strong argument based on pieces of evidence and avoid using vague statements and figures that aren’t a result of an actual research.