Some Tips for Students If They Want to Study in UK

Tips for Students If They Want to Study in UK

In this article, we will provide some tips for students who want to study in UK.

Student Visa for UK:
First step for any student to work in UK is to get student visa for UK. If you are coming from an EU country then you do not need any kind of visa for studying in UK. But if you are coming from non-EU country then you should require a student visa to study in UK. That visa is called the “Tier 4 Student Visa”.

Requirement for Tier 4 Student Visa
You can apply for Tier 4 Student Visa to study in UK if you’re 16 or above. And you can speak, write and understand English properly. You also have a handsome amount of money to support yourself and pay for your course. This visa is only for the students who are coming from non-EU country. Eucountry do not require this visa to study in UK. You should have to pay £335 for this visa. In order to submit your Tier 4 student visa application, please visit the UK Visa & Immigration website to complete the online application form.

What You Can and Can’t Do:
You can study, work in most jobs depending upon what kind of your course and apply for to extend your job. The things that you can’t get are the public funds, work in certain jobs like professional sports person or sports coach. You can’t study at an academy or a local authority-funded school

English Language Requirements:
When you will study in UK, you will be taught in English. That’s why English language is the most important one to study in UK. For this purpose you will need to give the tests like TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language ) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and get the scores that are demanded by your course.

Using Your Phone:
When you are coming for study in UK, the very first question that comes in your mind is whether my local country phone will work in UK or not! The answer of this question is that “Yes! You can use it.” The reason is that the UK operates on the same GSM as the most world. But if you’re coming from Japan or North/South America, your phone may not work in the UK so this is worth checking.

Student Accommodation:
In the case of accommodation, tips for students are that, they should go to the university for accommodation. The university will properly guide you about the accommodation because either university have their own accommodation rooms or he will give you the contact of some trusted people who will give you room on rent.

You Should Keep Your Dependents with You:
You can also keep your dependents with you. These may include your wife and children. You will have to pay extra charges for their visas also. You will have to pay £335 for each dependent. These are the some simple tips for students to study in UK.

Our Suggestions for Top Universities to Get Education:

  1. University of Oxford: In this university you will get education under the supervision of world’s top quality teachers. In this university there are students who are also genius one and you will get connection with them. Everyone in the world has heard about your university and you will be distinguished among all of the other students.
  2. University of Cambridge: In this university you will get education under the supervision of world’s top quality teaching staff.
  3. Imperial College London: Merit-based scholarships attracts the students to study here for getting good scores without bothering about their financial issues.

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