The Basic Rules of Designing a Survey Questionnaire for a Master’s Dissertation

Writing a master’s dissertation is a crucial point in the life of a research student. A lot of energy, thoughts, and efforts are given to write down a substantial and impactful dissertation. On postgraduate level, there are two kinds of researchers. First, the kind of research that is conducted in the lab by using equipment and instruments. Second, the research that is designed and conducted on the basis of the survey with the help of questionnaires. This kind of research is equally significant as the one that is conducted in the lab. The basic rules of designing a survey questionnaire for a master’s dissertation are listed under.

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  1. Define research aims

The aim of the research survey must be very clear and vivid. Either it is about research in the field of medicine or engineering; law or political science, the objective of the research defines its significance. Adequate review of the literature prior to commencing research is important as it helps in setting the direction of the research. Else, the review of the literature helps to set the preliminary aims of the survey questionnaires.

  1. Identify the population size

To begin with the survey research, it is momentous to identify the population size. Sometimes, random samples are chosen from a population and it is called sampling frame. Determination of the population nature and size is important as it helps to draw a set of questions.

  1. Types of questions asked

Once the population size is determined, the nature of the questions asked is set. For example, a question can be divided into three major components. i) Selection of the question type ii) Choosing the right wording for the questions and making it compact and concise iii)Selection of the questions layout iv) Designing the questions sequence.

Depending upon the research issue, the nature of the questionnaires is determined. It is also balanced between the research aims and research issues.

  1. Written consent forms from the participants

To receive written consents from the participants of questionnaire survey is very important. It gives them a detailed understanding of the research topic and its need. A written consent from the participants prior to distributing questionnaire also gives them a boost of confidence that their privacy is being kept confidential.Most of the participants are not comfortable with their names and profile go public, so a prior written consent is essential to building a bond of trust between the researcher and participant.

  1. Channelize receiving replies

For a better survey questionnaire, a medium to be devised to receive replies in their original shape and spirit. In survey questionnaire, either the structured interviews are scheduled or self-administered questions are taken. In structured interviews, questions are asked but phrased in a slightly different way. Whilst, in self-administered questions, respondents’ answers are exactly mentioned in the findings of the survey.

By adopting these few basics guidelines to make a survey questionnaire for a master’s level dissertation.