The Basic Rules of Designing a Survey Questionnaire for Masters Dissertation

Masters Dissertation

Writing a masters dissertation is a crucial point in the life of a research student. You need a lot of time, energies and effort to write a dissertation. All these things will help you to write a substantial and impactful piece of writing. At the postgraduate level, there are two kinds of researchers. In the first type, you can conduct research in the lab by using equipment and instruments. The second type includes, you can design and conduct research on the basis of the survey. In the survey, the most common criteria are questionnaires. There are further two types of questionnaires, and those are open-ended and close-ended. You can consider either of these based on your research type. There are several rules for designing a survey questionnaire for a masters dissertation. Given below are a few of the most important rules:

Define research aims

The aim of the research survey must be very clear and vivid. You might be doing research in the field of medicine or engineering. Apart from this, you might be doing research in the field of law or political science. Regardless of field, make sure that the objective of the research defines significance. An adequate review of the literature prior to commencing research is important. It will help you in several different ways. You can set a particular direction for your research work. It will also help you set the preliminary aims of the survey questionnaires. Most importantly, it will help you to answer your research questions. It will also help you create a link between research questions and objectives. If you are facing any difficulty, the best dissertation writing services can help you. You can hire their services to overcome the issue of defining the research aim.

Identify the population size

To begin with the survey research, it is momentous to identify the population size. You should be careful while selecting the sample size. If you are selecting a large sample size, it will minimize the effect size. This way, you will be able to get precise and accurate results. But, if you are considering a small sample size, it might impact your research. You will get your hands on inclusive results. Apart from this, it is unethical to consider these results. There might be human errors that might lead to poor interpretation of results. So, you should consider a large population size for sampling.

There are two major types of sampling: probability and non-probability sampling. For a survey questionnaire, you should select random sampling from the selected population. There is a specific term for this type of sampling, and that is sampling frame. Determination of the population nature and size is important as it helps to draw a set of questions. You might face difficulty while determining population nature and size. You can take help from masters dissertation services to identify the population size.

Types of questions asked

You should set the nature of the questions after determining the population size. You should make sure to align them with your research objectives. For example, you can divide a question into three major components.

  • Selection of the question type
  • Choosing the right wording for the questions and making it compact and concise
  • Selection of the layout of the questions
  • Designing the sequence of the question.

Depending upon the research issue, you should determine the nature of the questionnaires. It is also balanced between the research aims and research issues.

Written consent forms from the participants

To receive written consent from the participants of the survey is very important. It gives them a detailed understanding of the research topic and its need. Prior to distributing the questionnaire also gives them a boost of confidence. This way, they believe that their privacy is being kept confidential. There might be some other reasons that can make them uncomfortable while participating. As a result that, they won’t participate. Sometimes they are not comfortable with their names and profile going public. So, you should understand that prior written consent is essential. It will help you build a bond of trust between the researcher and participant.

Channelize receiving replies

For a better survey questionnaire, you should devise a medium. This way, you will ensure to receive replies in their original shape and spirit. There are two major criteria that you can consider for a survey questionnaire. You can schedule either structured interviews or consider self-administered questions. In structured interviews, you should phrase asked questions in a slightly different way. But, there is a completely different way for self-administered questions. You should make sure that respondents’ answers are exactly mentioned in the findings.

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