Best Way to Write a Book Review: Tips & Rules

Book Review

A review is a critical evaluation of an event, object or text. The domain of writing reviews is vast as it considers books, articles, literature, art and fashion, policies and performances. The book review is an interesting task as it not only summarizes the whole length and idea of the book but gives a precise concept of the book to the readers. There are few very important tips and rules to write a book review.

The first step to writing a review of the book is to read the book in a manner that paves the way to writing a good review. Read the book in the following steps.

  1. Read the book thoroughly

First, you have to read the book in detail with concentration. It will lead you to understand the main idea of the book.

  1. Make your own points

While reading the book, it is better to note down the important events, dates, sayings, and ideas of different chapters. It will help you to mention them later in your review.

  1. Get knowledge of the book genre

The type of the book genre is its identity. Before writing down the review, the genre/field of the book is to be known.

  1. Consider the writing style adopted by the writer

Every writer has his/her own style of writing. It is a good practice to know about the previous writings of the writer if he/she has any. The writing style depicts the thought process of a writer.

  1. Think about the uniqueness of the book, if it is

Finally, think about the “X Factor” in the book that makes it entirely different from the rest of the books. That unique point of the book will later be elaborated and the ranking of the book will depend upon this uniqueness.

The second step revolves around writing down the review. Having gathered all the relevant points after reading, now to jot them down is a tough job. The following step will help to write down the review of a book.

  1. Write a well-aimed introduction to the book that catches the main theme of the book
  2. Write a summary of the book in an interesting way
  3. Evaluate the book with your knowledge on the subject and read the other relevant material on the same subject you deem necessary
  4. Mention the strong points/areas of the book so that the readers know the positive side of the book
  5. Write your critics on the book and areas of improvement in a manner that helps the readers and the writer himself to accept the changes
  6. Wrap up the review in an alluring style by concluding a whole lot of information
  7. Rate the book for readers
  8. Get help from the relevant people before submitting the review
  9. Get it published sooner than later as everyone writes something somewhere, so your hard work should be acknowledged only when it is in the market in the form of a review.