Writing Footnotes In Chicago Style The Rules And Tips

Writing Footnotes

One of the main differences between the citation style of Chicago and the other style is that the Chicago style makes use of the writing Footnotes. In the case of the other styles, the references are cited in parenthetical closes. The footnotes are included in the paper to indicate the source of the quotations and any information included in the paper. The footnotes are placed at the very end of the sentence, also at the end of a clause or at the end of the page. These indicate the very source of the information that has been included in the paper. The numbers are used to indicate the relative footnote. the numbers are placed at the very superscript.

One of the main strategies that are used for the inclusion of the footnotes is that they are shortened and brief. It is the rule that the first footnote is the one that has the full information and competes for information of the source. In the case of the subsequent notes, it has been seen that they are shuttered and briefed. Some of the main information that is included in the shortened footnotes include the last name of the author and the date that is always followed by a comma, the title of the work that needs to be shortened to almost four words that are mostly formatted in italics or marks, and lastly a page number that is followed the title of the source.

In most cases, it is seen that there is a need to insert multiple citations or footnotes for the same source. When there are two notes that are to be included in the same source, the abbreviation of ‘ibid; is to be used. Ibid needs to be written with a page number, a period, and a comma.  When the note refers to a similar or the same source and reference, there is no need to mention the page number. It is important that the numbers that are used in the paper should match the references added.

In most cases, it is important that the information of the contributor is included in the footnotes. The extra information includes the editor, compiler, and translator. In case if they are more than one contributor, their names need to be included in the footnotes in an organized and alphabetic manner.

There may be a possibility that there may be no author in the given source. In this case, the information that has been not given on the page simply needs to be omitted and one should contribute to the footnote. in addition, a part of the work when needs to be added in the footnotes there is a need for a relevant page number and the identifier must be included.