A Practical Guide On Writing An Impressive Introduction Of An Academic Assignment

An introduction is the beginning section of an academic assignment that states the purpose and goals of that assignment. An introduction of an academic assignment is followed by body and conclusion. In the introductory section of an academic assignment, you will have to establish the scope of your research, to highlight the importance of your research, to explain the purpose of writing an assignment, to provide an overview about the research methodology, to summarize your findings, and to formulate thesis statement. If you are not able to write an introduction for an academic assignment, then you can get help from the assignment writing services. A practical guide on writing an impressive introduction of an academic assignment is given below;

1)    Begin with an attention grabber

An introduction of an assignment provides a chance to the students to last a healthy first impression on the minds of the readers. Therefore, you should try to begin the introduction of an academic assignment with the help of an attention grabber. There are a lot of forms of the attention grabbers that you can use in the introductory section of your assignment. These attention grabbers can be in the form of a startling information, an anode, a dialogue or specific summary of the information. The main aim of using these attention grabbers is to hook the readers.

2)    Create your context

After hooking the readers with the help of attention grabbers, now, its time to relate that hook with the rest of introduction. For this reason, you should try to explain broader and general scope of your topic that is relevant to the hook, try to provide some necessary background information to the students that is helpful for them to understand your main arguments and points, try to provide the definitions of the key terms that you have used in your topic idea, and try to move your readers from the general to the specific.

3)    Present your thesis

A thesis statement is considered as one of the most important parts of an introduction. With the help of a thesis statement, a student tries to provide a set of the main arguments about the assignment topic. You should be very careful while formulating a thesis statement. Its reason is that this thesis statement will be proven in the body of assignment. To present your thesis statement, you should try to prepare a list of all the main points related to your assignment topic, to provide a description about the actual process to prove these points, and try to find out the best ways to transmit these main points in the body of your assignment.

4)    Try to convince the readers that your assignment is worth-reading

The end of an introduction of an assignment should be such that it should last an impression on the minds of the readers that your assignment is worth-reading. This is possible only if your assignment introduction is engaging for the audience. The best way to convince the readers to read your assignment is to provide such an information in assignment introduction that lasts some questions in the minds of the audience and it is new for them.