Advanced Biology Project Ideas

Advanced Biology

Advanced biology is an important and rigorous preparatory course of biology at the college level. The main concern of the advanced biology course is biological research and analysis. The main focus of advanced biology is on ecology, biotechnology, genetics and other kinds of environmental issues. If you are assigned an advanced biology project, first of all, you will have to select an intriguing topic idea. If you are not able to find out an interesting topic idea for the advanced biology project, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services in UK. The best way to find out advanced biology project ideas is to conduct in-depth research. A list of the advanced biology project ideas is given below;


1)    How to develop the high yield varieties of wheat and crops?

2)    What are the effects of water stress and salt on the different plants?

3)    What is cloning and explain the future of cloning

4)    What is the possible chemistry behind different kinds of emotions?

5)    What are obstetrics and genetics and try to explain the relationship between them?

6)    What are the possible effects of abortions on pregnancies in the future?

7)    Is sleep related to memory? Explain your answer with solid examples and evidence

8)    What are micro-organisms and try to explain the antibiotic resistance in these organisms?

9)    How do cellular reproductions of DNA take place?

10)    What are the possible biological implications of marriage and having a child with the first cousins?

11)    What is an evolutionary cycle and try to explain the next stage of the evolutionary cycle in detail

12)    What kind of hormonal changes occurs during the pregnancy?

13)    How biological weapons are prepared and are it possible for us to use Ebola in the biological weapons?

14)    A bacteria are living in your bowl. Is it important for you or it is harmful to you?

15)    What are cancer metastases and try to explain the possible effects of cancer metastases by studying their mechanism

16)    Write a note on the cleft plates and their genetic basis

17)    How embryo is developed and write down the possible effects of diet and maternal health on the development of the embryo

18)    Write a note on the CFTR genes

19)    What are Robertsonian Translocations and what are their possible effects on Infertility?

20)    What are Ring chromosomes and what are their effects on infertility and miscarriages?

21)    How are age-related factors affecting infertility?

22)    What are the possible basis for substance addictions?

23)    How is the brain involved in the processes of memory, intelligence, and development of different thoughts?

24)    Different stages of the development of monozygotic twins

25)    How are biological macromolecules studied on the basis of silicon?

26)    Explain the protein-protein interaction and also explain its interactions related to the immune responses

27)    What is an altered sequence on the basis of the protein structure?

28)    How to improve the different vaccines that are similar to the viruses?

29)    Conduct in-depth research on the duplication as well as repair of the DNA

30)    How LD50 test is done in measuring the toxicity of different chemicals?