The General Format Of a Maters’ Dissertation

A format is a way in which a dissertation or any other kind of the academic paper is arranged. It is one of the most important requirements of a masters’ dissertation that it should be written in the professional structure and format. A format of a masters’ dissertation also provides us a preestablished layout for the data. If you are not able to write a masters’ dissertation by following a general format, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. There are a lot of things that comes into the general format of a masters’ dissertation. Here, we will provide a complete guideline about the general format of a masters’ dissertation.

1)    Paper format

You should try to keep standard A4 paper format for your dissertation. The paper margin should be set at 2.5 cm from the top, bottom, up, and downsides of the page.

2)    Size and line spacing

You should try to set the characters of the text at 12 points and there should be 1.5 spacing between the lines. To justify texts and footnotes in your dissertation, you should try to set the characters of the footnotes at 10 points.

3)    Font style

The font style is the most important component of the format of a dissertation. You should try to keep the font style as simple as possible. Usually, for a masters’ dissertation, it is required to set the Times New Roman as a font style.

4)    Tables and pictures

You should be very careful while inserting the tables and pictures in your masters’ dissertation. You should try to insert all the tables, figures, and graphs directly in a master’s dissertation. There is no need to divide a table into the different pages rather than you should try to insert a table on a single page. There is no need to use any kind of the color for a table. As far as there comes the process of drawing the different lines for the graphs, then you should try to use bold, punctuated and dashed lines. You can also insert the coloured images in your dissertation according to the guidelines and requirements of your supervisor.

5)    Pagination

If we talk about the pagination of a masters’ dissertation, then we come to know that all the text of your dissertation should be paginated. All the chapters of your masters’ dissertation should start from the odd page numbers and these odd page numbers in a masters’ dissertation should be written on the right side. You can use the Arabic letters for the pagination throughout the dissertation but for the title page, table of content, and acknowledgement page, you should try to use the Roman words instead of the Arabic words.

6)    Title page

The style, font size, and paragraph formatting for a title page of your dissertation should be done according to the requirements of your supervisor.

7)    Table of contents

You can use the capital letters for the table of contents of your dissertation. To differentiate between the main and sub-chapters of your dissertation, you can use the method of highlighting.