Useful Guidelines on Crafting Qualitative Questions

Qualitative Questions

To write an academic paper, we have to conduct effective research. There are two possible ways to conduct effective research for a research paper or dissertation. The first is known as qualitative research methodology and the second is known as a quantitative research methodology. The research questions of a research methodology provide an idea about the type of research methodology. There are three main characteristics are as follow;

First, they start with ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’.

Secondly, they have independent as well as dependent variables.

Thirdly, they can provide a relation or comparison between the variables.

Some useful guidelines

1) First of all, we can craft it by mentioning the main purpose of conducting research.
A) The main topic of this study is….
B) The main reason to conduct this research is….
2) We can also create qualitative questions by keeping in mind the defined objectives. These defined objectives are helpful for us to communicate with the target audience. Some essential tips to craft these kinds of questions are;
A) We can craft it with the help of single statements. These single statements are helpful for us to elaborate and communicate important messages in an effective way.
B) We can clarify the purpose of conducting effective research. With the help of these questions, the respondents can easily get an idea about your contribution to this research.
C) We can also mention the main topic of the research with the help of these qualitative questions. They can provide a clear idea of what you are going to explain in your research paper.
D) With the help of these questions, we can also describe the quality of a research paper.
E) It is also possible for us to mention the name of the research website with the help of qualitative questions.
3) In order to execute the purpose of your research paper in a better manner, it is also necessary for you to create some sub qualitative research questions.
4) While developing qualitative research questions, you should try to highlight some essential words which provide an idea to the audience members that these are qualitative research questions. In order to get the detail about the feelings of the respondents, you can use ‘What’ and ‘Why’. If you want to communicate with the audience members, you should try to use ‘Understand’, ‘Clarify’ and ‘Explore’. In order to get a description of a topic, you should use ‘What happened’.
5) You can also use a skeleton to design qualitative questions and qualitative sub-questions for your research paper.
These are some essential tips to develop qualitative research questions for your research paper.