Criminology is a branch of sociology but it is different in nature when comes to dissertation research. Students who study this subject struggle to find a researchable topic or question that their tutor may like. To facilitate them, here the experts from Affordable-Dissertation UK share some interesting and fresh criminology dissertation topic ideas.

Youth Crime Topics

Criminology is an essential branch of sociology and it is studied for thousands of years ago. In the criminology, we mainly study the law enforcement and criminal justice system. If a student wants to start his career in the criminal justice system, he will have to get a criminology degree. The main focus of this subject is on the frequency of the crimes, causes of the crimes and types of the crimes etc. The main aim of this subject is to identify the root cause of the crimes and try to find out some essential ways to prevent these crimes.

30 Fresh and Interesting Dissertation Ideas on Youth Crime

Here the experts from Affordable-Dissertation UK share some interesting and fresh criminology dissertation topic ideas are given below;

  1. Is it good to provide the right to the prisoners to cast vote? Arguments for and against
  2. What is victimology and compare it with domestic violence?
  3. Causes and rates of the Arsons in the schools.
  4. What are the major factors behind the concept of serial killers?
  5. What are the possible impacts of the police in reducing street crimes?
  6. How to improve the performance of the police to solve and prevent crimes?
  7. What are the major impacts of domestic violence on the mental health of women?
  8. What are the possible impacts of the crime on the victims?
  9. How modern internet technologies are increasing the rate of suicides?
  10. What are the major impacts of torture in the developed and underdeveloped countries?
  11. What are the major factors that become the cause of turning human beings towards domestic violence?
  12. What are the possible approaches of cyber crimes and what are the possible ways to detect these cyber crimes?
  13. What are the best ways to deal with social disorders?
  14. How to increase police visibility in order to stop and minimize crimes?
  15. What is the role of efficient governance for the purpose of preserving peace and order in society?
  16. Is it true to impose the death penalty for the purpose of decreasing some essential kinds of crimes?
  17. Is abortion should be considered as a crime of murder?
  18. Is it possible for the police to decrease the crime level to the zero levels?
  19. What are the possible ways to investigate crime evidence?
  20. What is the role of National Public and Safety Board for the purpose of monitoring the performance of the police?
  21. What is the role of behavioural genetic studies in the field of criminology?
  22. What are the possible research methods in the field of criminology?
  23. Write a note on the possible crimes in the UK
  24. Is it beneficial for us to consider criminology a context of capital punishment?
  25. What are the possible trends and implications of criminology in different countries?
  26. What are the major impacts of street crimes?
  27. Who is responsible for street crimes?
  28. Compare the criminal policies of the UK and USA
  29. Write a note on the police empowerment in the high crime areas
  30. What are the possible factors that are responsible for the adults to commit different kinds of criminal activities?
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