Free Undergraduate Dissertation Topics For Mental Health
Undergraduate Dissertation

An undergraduate dissertation is a lengthy and formal piece of research and writing on a selected topic. Basically, dissertations are completed in the final year of the degree programs and students have the freedom to choose a topic in the area of their interest. Writing an undergraduate dissertation offers the students to conduct research on a topic and prepare a traditional module.  In the writing process, students work under supervision who guides him or her throughout the writing process or researching process.

At the undergraduate level, students choose a psychology subject that is related to mental health as well as a human being’s immune system. However, choosing an undergraduate dissertation topic for mental health is the most intimidating task. Students often feel worried, because, they don’t have any idea how to select a suitable topic for their dissertation.  Before selecting a dissertation topic for mental health, you need to understand that mental problems affect individual well-being, therefore, you need to conduct an in-depth analysis about mental disabilities as well as mental issues.

Here, experts of dissertation writing services are presenting a free undergraduate dissertation topic for mental health. Along with that, we are discussing the research aims of writing these topics. Having a research aim will clarify to you how to gain high grades and save yourself from embarrassment in the class. So, you can select these topics for writing a psychology dissertation.

Side effects of the behavioural disorder at the workplace:

Having aggressive and morose behaviour can destroy our working power as well as creativity. So, introduce its side effects on the workplace as well as on the development process. A fresh and stress-free mind always will be beneficial for people.

The causes of mental trauma and its effects on children:

Although, mental trauma is a very common disease, yet, you can discuss what are the real causes of this and how we can control it. It has ruined the lives and childhood happiness of the children.

Mental disorder and self-harm:

Developing awareness about the mental disorder can reduce the chances of suicide and self-harm. Nowadays, suicides and self-harm incidents are so common. If you will provide basic information to the people about their mental disorder then they can control it.

Discuss the advantages of special education:

The trend of special education is spreading very fast due to its unlimited benefits. So, try to conduct research on this topic and give awareness to their people about the importance of special education.

Familiarities and its side effects on facial expression recognition:

Your research aim should be about facial expression recognition and its side effects on your relationship. You can give different tips to people to control their situations.

Relationship between depression and cognitive vulnerability:

By writing this topic, you have to focus on the relationship between depression and cognitive weakness. We often find that depression is the most considerable factor and issue of modern society. Therefore, we have to show its side effects on the young generation.

Bad mental health and students’ low performance:

This is the most common issue of modern society. Students often fail due to mental disabilities as well as work stress. Here, you should discuss the real reasons for failure and depression. You can present some unique ideas to overcome this critical situation.

The psychological impact of bullying on children development:

The cases of public humiliation have proved that children’ mistreatment had ruined the development process of the children. Discuss and explains the side effects of bullying on children’ personalities. Your key purpose should be mental illness awareness.

Causes of mental disorder and self-cutting behaviour:

We see that most students prefer isolation. Even they don’t show any concern with their class fellows. In your mental health dissertation, you can broaden your research on self-cutting behaviour as well as personality disorder.

The usage of music to reduce mental stress and crime rate:

Writing this topic will cover the underground tube stations that can be conducted and constructive through the use of a computer. Be optimistic and write the treatment in order to reduce mental stress and its disadvantages.

Promote mental health and psychological wellbeing of students:

Promoting mental health is like social culture activity theory. However, professionals as well as writers should contribute to the learning process. But your research aim should be psychological wellbeing in children.