How to Find a Solid Topic for Dissertation?

If you have already written a dissertation, you know that it is difficult for you to choose a solid topic idea. Most of the students have to face lots of problems to choose the best topic idea. They have to face this problem due to their lack of experience. While choosing a suitable topic idea for your dissertation writing, you should consider some essential things. You should find out a relevant topic idea for your dissertation. This topic idea should also be interesting. You should also choose a manageable dissertation topic idea. The students should also make sure that this topic idea should also be challenging. If you want to find a solid topic idea for your dissertation, you will have to follow some essential tips. Here, experts of Affordable Dissertation UK will discuss the most important tips to find a solid topic idea for your dissertation.

Understand The Research Process:

No doubt, it will look obvious for the students. Anyhow, it is one of the most common mistakes that students do while finding a solid topic for their dissertations. It means that they skip the ideation process. As a result, they have to pay clearly for it. Before finding the best topic idea for your dissertation, you should read the course handbook. While reading this course handbook, you should try to understand the basics of the research process. After understanding the basics of the research process, you can understand the specific requirements for the research. After understanding these requirements, you can find out the best topic idea for your dissertation. When you will select such a topic, you can easily create the best quality content for your dissertation.

Review The Previous Dissertations:

No doubt, lots of students have completed the research processes and they have completed their dissertations. You can easily find out these dissertations from your university’s library. These dissertations will provide obvious help to the students. If you don’t find the best quality dissertations from your university library, you can utilize some online resources to find these dissertations. These previous dissertations will not only provide help to you in finding solid topic ideas but these dissertations will also provide help in creating the best content for your dissertation. You can use these dissertations to get an idea about the topic ideas. The students can also use them to check the originality, narrowness and broadness of the dissertation topics.

Review The Academic Literature:

After understanding the research process and specific requirements of the university, you can get enough idea about the originality of the topic ideas. That’s why you can easily start the ideation process. The best way to start the ideation process is to review the current literature. After reviewing the current literature, you should find out the best opportunities to add something new to the existing content. While reviewing the academic literature, you should make sure that these ideas are relevant to the content of your course. While reviewing the academic literature, you can also find out the critical topics that are still unanswered. Google Scholar is the best resource to find out the academic literature.

Don’t Be Too Vague To Too Narrow:

A dissertation is a tightly written academic piece of work. With the help of each sentence of the dissertation, you should construct the research or arguments. Now, the problem is that if you want to select something too vague, you can’t cover your point of view. Its reason is that you will have to add enough content to this kind of dissertation. On the other hand, you should not select something too narrow. If you will select something too narrow, you can’t complete the required word count of your dissertation. As a result, you will have to face lots of problems in expanding your arguments. Therefore, you should try to find something that is neither too vague nor too narrow.

Identify The Potential Research Questions:

After understanding the literature in your area of interest, the next step is to develop your list of interesting topic ideas. Here, you can follow three approaches. First, you should leverage the FRIN. It means that you should find those topic ideas in which further research is needed. You can conduct your research on these topics. Secondly, you should consider the industry-specific spin or theory. For this reason, you should find out such industry-specific spin or theory that researchers have not covered yet. This is the best way to find out a topic idea closer to your home. At last, you can also use a technique to uncensored brainstorming to find out the best topic ideas for your assignment. For this reason, you will have to involve in brainstorming or mind-mapping sessions.

Narrow Down Your Focus By Evaluating:

Till now, you have prepared a list of healthy research topic ideas. Now, you will have to move further. The best way to narrow down your focus is to think about all the topic ideas for some days. While thinking about your topic ideas, you should review them by following a more objective view. For example, if you have prepared a list of 20 topic ideas, you should narrow down your focus to select only five topic ideas. While narrowing down your focus, you should think about the research questions and their supporting sub-questions. You should also think about the originality of these research questions.

Make The Decision:

At last, you will have to decide on the selection of a solid topic idea. Before making the decision, you should conduct enough research. Moreover, you should also get the views and opinions of others. While making the decision, you should be confident. It means that you should not be double-minded. If you will be double-minded while selecting the best topic idea for your dissertation, you can’t work on it confidently. You should consider that it is the best topic idea for your dissertation. The students should also check the feasibility of the topic ideas before making the final decision. To make feasibility means that you should know whether you can complete it before the deadline or not.

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