Planning A Dissertation – From Drafting To Rewriting

Planning A Dissertation - From Drafting To Rewriting

At the university level, every student has to research as a final year project. The submission of research is in the form of a dissertation. Most of the students call it the longest assignment of the degree. This longest assignment needs your great attention. The minimum time required to research and write a dissertation is of one year.

What if, at the end of the year, you remain unable to meet the expected results? Every student aims to meet his objective at the end of the research. If you do not plan things at first, you will not have an idea about the results. So, you can say planning a dissertation is necessary for all. As per its importance, this article aims to discuss planning a dissertation.

  1. Why is it Important to Plan for Dissertation Writing?

Planning a dissertation is the most important aspect of research. Planning helps you design a track. In this track, you can take every task as one milestone. By planning, you can get an idea about cost as well as available resources. Planning a dissertation is all about making major and minor outlines for your work.

  1. How Many Drafts Should you Write for a Dissertation?

Every student must understand the difference between college and university tasks. At the college level, you do not have to work on research. The only thing is to work on assignments and essays. For such a task, you may not prefer making any draft. Most of the students solve mathematical queries as rough work. After that, they make a document that has a solution to all queries.

On the other hand, the university level asks for research work. In research work, you have to perform at your best. It needs analysis and critical evaluation. Also, you have to go for some innovative ideas for the solution of a problem. At first, it may be difficult to come up with bundles of effective ideas. Maybe you are taking one idea effectively, but another one becomes better later on. So, you need to make more than one draft for the dissertation. By having one or more than one drafts, you can better follow the standards of dissertation writing. At the time of writing a draft, you should focus on the following points:

  • First of all, you have to plan for writing. Although the first draft is not the final form of a dissertation, still it needs proper planning. Dissertation writing is a whole new and different thing compared to assignment writing. So, you have to keep these things in your mind. By planning a dissertation, you can track everything.
  • Your focus point varies from first to final draft. In the first draft, your focus should be on the quality of content. The quality of content includes its relevance to the topic of discussion as well as its credibility. In the second draft, you can focus on alternative ideas. Similarly, the focus point is different for the different drafts. Before the final draft, you can make improvements in information. In the final draft, you have to work on everything. It includes content, quality, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Before submission, proofread the final draft. Edit and rewrite it as per requirements.
  1. What are the Five Stages of Writing a Dissertation?

There are five stages of planning a dissertation. These five stages are mentioned below:

Let’s have a brief look at these stages.

  • Pre-Writing of Dissertation

Go for a particular niche and select one topic while planning a dissertation. Narrow down your topic and make a research problem. In pre-writing, you have to come up with some ideas to conduct the research. You can take it as a set of strategies.

  • Research on Topic Of Discussion

For a dissertation, you have to come up with relevant and authentic data. For having such data, research is a must. Research helps you get the core points and background information. Also, it helps you very well in selecting better sources. You can see which methodology is best for what kind of problem. This step is very important for planning a dissertation.

  • Make a Draft

Whatever you have planned till now, make a list of all tasks. Start writing a dissertation. Work on every chapter and follow the standards of writing. After completing one chapter, reread it and make sure that you have delivered a message in the right way. Once you are done with the first draft, take a short break. Now, reread the whole draft and see where you are lacking.

  • Revise Dissertation

Make sure all sentences are easy to read and understand. Avoid overuse of a single term. Highlight all the mistakes in your dissertation. The mistakes include the improper structure of sentences and words. Mistakes can also be in the form of strategy or content.

  • Rewrite Dissertation

Amend all of the highlighted mistakes. Ask your advisor for guidance and edit your document.

  1. Why is it Necessary to Rewrite a Dissertation?

Rewriting is all about proofreading and editing. You may have to rewrite before or after the final submission. Before final submission, you have to proofread the whole document and identify the mistakes. First of all, check the quality of content. Furthermore, work on the punctuation and grammar of the whole document.

At the time of rewriting, remove all vague words and sentences. Replace all vague words and sentences with a simple ones. Apart from all that, follow the required standards of formatting. Ask your advisor if there is any specific style to follow. Once you are done with rewriting, now make a final draft and submit it to your advisor.

On the other hand, you may also have to rewrite the dissertation after submission. The advisor may find some inappropriate data that do not fit best. In such a case, the advisor will ask you to make changes to your document. So, you take it as rewriting after submission of the dissertation.

Final Thoughts

All of the above-mentioned points can help you in planning a dissertation. It is better to understand so that you can work well from start to end.