5 Tips to Organize Your Time and Finish the Dissertation Research

5 Tips to Organize Your Time and Finish the Dissertation Research

If you are in the final year of your degree, then it is the time when you need to start planning your dissertation research. However, your final year can be very busy and hectic. Therefore, you might find it very difficult to organize your time to do your research work. Research work on your dissertation can be a lengthy and stressful task if you cannot manage your time properly.

When you start your dissertation work, you might feel that you have a lot of time. Therefore, you relax and do not bother to plan your work. However, before you know it, your deadline comes very close. Therefore, it is very important to manage your time. If you are facing issues regarding organizing your time, try the following five to finish your dissertation work.

1. Create A Timeline

The best way to start your dissertation work is by making a timeline. This way, you can keep track of your research work. Make a timeline on your phone’s calendar, or you can also keep a piece of paper with yourself. To make a perfect timeline, you can split your research work into multiple sections. After that, you can allocate proper time to each section. Make sure you will finish the work of each section before the deadline. Therefore, it is vital to remain realistic about all these times. Otherwise, you will not be able to follow your milestones properly. For this, it is best to set a realistic objective to keep you less stressed and more motivated. You can do that by dividing the whole research work into small and easy-to-complete chunks of work.

2. Set Up A Structured Outline For Your Research

There is a popular belief among students that they should work on their dissertation every day. But, you usually don’t get to meet the work you set for every single day during your dissertation period. Therefore, setting up a structured time for your dissertation research is crucial. It would help if you dedicated your time to your dissertation like you might for the gym or other important work.

While giving proper time to your research is essential, it is even more important to note that you should make it quality and productive time instead of spending useless hours doing nothing. Many people like to study only during university hours as they consider their university day a 9 to 5 job. This can also help you set structured time during university hours. Many other people like to have an irregular pattern for work. For instance, some people like to work at night. Thus, they should accordingly allocate their dissertation writing and researching important tasks for the night.

3. Take Time To Make A List Of Sources

After allocating time, the next thing that can help you in your dissertation research is to make a list of sources you want to use in your dissertation. It is important that you must look into resources suggested by your university or supervisor. You can even go to your university library to study your research topic. Moreover, take the proper time to use online resources such as google scholar and other online academic libraries to find the latest sources for your dissertation research. After collecting them, your next step is to read them properly. Make sure you take proper notes. Also, make sure to record important facts, titles and page numbers properly. This way, your job will be easier when you want to look into your notes for citation and referencing in the future.

4. Make A Priority List For Your Task

The main thing you need to focus on for your dissertation research is prioritization. Think and decide on an essential task and write it on top of your priority list. Also, look at your timeline to know which task you need to complete first. Make a list of the tasks that are smaller and less time-consuming. You can do these tasks whenever you need a break from working long tasks. This will make you productive even if you are procrastinating. It would be best to carry a notebook to write down any ideas you come across while doing dissertation research.

5. Seek Advice From The Supervisor

Communication is an important factor while doing dissertation research. This can help you do proper research within time. You can get new ideas through communication. While doing their dissertation, many students feel sensitive about showing their work to others. They believe they must finish it or it is still not good as others before showing it for feedback. This way, they do not have to face criticism. It can be a big mistake for you because evaluating your work can do something good for your dissertation research as it will help you understand where you need to focus more on, which research areas are weak, and in which direction you should work.

When you are doing your dissertation work, you will be assigned a supervisor who can guide you throughout your project. Supervisors are experts in their field. They might have more knowledge and better ideas related to your dissertation topic. They have years of experience guiding students in their dissertation projects. They are usually very keen on issues related to a dissertation that students have. Therefore, it is important that you ask for advice and any questions that you have related to your research on your dissertation. It would be best if you keep him updated while doing your research and consistently show your work now and then and report to him about the progress that you have made. This will encourage you to keep doing excellent work, and you can also get valuable feedback on your research.


The above tips can help you to finish your dissertation research on time. Try to make a proper timeline for your tasks. Split your research work into small achievable tasks and create proper lists of these tasks. Starting your research work and asking for advice from a supervisor can greatly help you finish your research work on time. If you still find it difficult to do your research work, try taking help from dissertation writing services.

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