Dissertation Advisor: Your Personal Guide to Writing an Awesome PhD. Dissertation!

Dissertation Advisor

Congratulations! You’re almost done with your PhD. dissertation! You’ve researched, written and revised a lot of material, but there’s still one more step between you and being a full-fledged professor: writing your final draft. If you’re like most students, the prospect of turning in a completed PhD. dissertation is exciting—and terrifying. It’s exciting because it means that all that hard work will finally pay off; it’s terrifying because now you have to put all those words into one coherent document that makes sense not just to yourself but also other people who aren’t as familiar with your research as you are.

It’s important to remember during this process that even though a personal guide can’t write your dissertation for you , having someone who understands both sides of the process can help make everything run more smoothly. With the help of an advisor, you’ll be able to get through your dissertation writing, research, and publishing process.

Who is a dissertation advisor?

A dissertation advisor is your personal guide to writing an awesome dissertation! You obviously want someone who can help you navigate the process and make sure you’re hitting all the right points. And, as a general rule of thumb, the best way to do this is by finding someone who’s been there before—a professor who has successfully completed their own PhD and published papers in peer-reviewed journals. They’ll have experienced many of the same obstacles and setbacks that you might encounter along your path toward achieving your dream of graduating from grad school with a shiny new degree in hand. A great mentor won’t just be an advisor; he or she should also be a great source of support when times get tough (and they will).

Your advisor should be a great mentor for you

In general, your advisor should be a great mentor for you. A good advisor is someone who has the time, interest and professionalism to answer your questions. They should know how to help you achieve success without compromising their own. A great mentor will mentor not just how to write an awesome dissertation but also how to be a successful researcher, good academic and even good person!

Choose a dissertation advisor who will help you write well

Choosing a PhD. dissertation advisor can be tricky, but choosing one who is good at writing and organization will make your life easier. Look for someone who has a record of great writing skills. You want to work with an advisor who can help you organize your thoughts, compose better sentences and paragraphs, and write in a way that’s easy for others to understand.

When looking for an advisor, look at their previous dissertations as well as their published papers. Do they use strong verbs? Are they concise? Do their paragraphs flow into each other smoothly or do they have awkward transitions between them? These are all signs of good writing ability!

And don’t forget about organization—it’s an important part of being able to write well too! Think about how much time it takes without any kind of organizational structure—you could waste hours looking through old emails or trying unsuccessfully to find some piece of information from last year (or even last month). The more organized someone is on paper (and digitally!), the better chances that person has at being able to see connections between ideas quickly and efficiently

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Your advisor should understand your research topic

  • Your PhD. dissertation advisor should be familiar with your topic. Your dissertation advisor should understand the research you’re doing. In fact, he or she should be able to answer questions about it—even questions that are a little more difficult than what you might ask in a casual conversation.
  • Your PhD dissertation advisor should be willing to help you find resources and sources related to your topic. If you need books, articles, or other materials for your research (and let’s face it: we all do), then it is absolutely essential that your advisor knows how to help guide those searches through library databases and other resources available at the school where he or she works.
  • Your PhD. dissertation advisor should be able to help with writing assistance when necessary—or even just general advice on how best to structure an argument or essay format (just like they would give any student).

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Your advisor shouldn’t cause anxiety

The advisor should never make you feel stupid. If they do, that’s a problem and you should consider finding another one (or maybe even another advisor). If your current advisor makes you feel like your questions are stupid, then switch advisors. You need someone who can give reasoned responses to your questions and offer guidance when needed.

It is also important to be comfortable asking questions regarding the research process in general; this includes how long the dissertation will take and its structure. Do not be afraid of being too inquisitive—it’s fine if all of your questions have already been answered elsewhere!

The best way of communicating with an advisor is through email; however, if that isn’t possible because of distance or other factors (such as having several different advisors), make sure that there are other means by which communication can take place such as Skype calls or video chats on Google Hangouts so that everyone involved has access to each other even though they might not necessarily live close together anymore after graduation day arrives upon them unexpectedly just before Christmas Eve falls upon us once again…


Your dissertation advisor is a crucial part of the PhD. dissertation process, and you should make sure that they’re there to help you along the way. Their role is to make sure that you have all the information and support needed to finish your degree successfully, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you’re struggling with choosing an advisor or finding one then we would love to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about finding someone suitable for this job.

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