LLM Dissertation Writing – How Many References It Should Have?

LLM Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is a complicated and lengthy academic writing content with original research by the researcher. LLM dissertation writing is particularly the longest piece of work that has been done by the researcher to complete their LLM degree. The guideline may be given by the supervisor or the law department of the researcher’s academic institute. Previously, LLM dissertation writing topic forms and templates were given manually; however, in the present day, students can download the form through the internet and also submit it electronically. Most law universities give guidelines through the mentioned template, table of contents and details of every chapter.

References And Their Importance In LLM Dissertation Writing

In the process of LLM Dissertation writing, appropriate referencing is a vital key part of research paper publication. Perfect referencing increases the LLM dissertation writing scope and validity. Generally, a research paper is relied on the published resource and references to maintain the validity of the research work. The research supervisor of the student considers that the researcher applies all those materials, publications and articles to justify the prescribed research.

LLM Dissertation Writing And Specifically Referencing Style Of OSCOLA

Though the main reference style is OSCOLA (The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities); however different universities use multiple referencing styles in LLM Dissertation Writing. OSCOLA has been established to support the referencing of legal matters, court cases, authorities, legal references from other countries’ court cases, quotations of the honorable judges and their given judgments. Mostly OSCOLA is used by Law Universities, Institutions and in the publication of Law Books with the consultation of an advisory editorial board. Following are the procedure and style while using OSCOLA in LLM Dissertation Writing:

1. Using The Footnotes

OSCOLA, in LLM Dissertation Writing, uses footnotes (with numbers at the end of the sentence) and then generates the same number at the bottom of the page (In Microsoft Word, it is known as “Footer”) to make a clear understanding of that reference and citation. Microsoft Word denotes the number as a superscript in both places; at the end of the sentence and in Footer.

2. How Many References Required In LLM Dissertation Writing

Though there is no prescribed limit for references in LLM Dissertation Writing; however, different universities and institutions provide the guideline to the researcher in this regard. It is also based on other particular factors as the researcher needs to represent their working sources to the supervisor and all of the gathered information from scholarly articles, published material, books, and previously submitted works in the university library and different magazines. References are also essential due to the clarity of the reader, and specifically in LLM dissertation writing, readers need to understand the case studies resources and judgments’ of the honorable judges.

The research paper is a complicated research work, and without proper referencing, nobody can give it any credibility. The researcher needs to establish an appropriate list of references, and it must be based on real reference material; without any kind of fake citations. Finally, in LLM dissertation writing, references always provide details about the topic and the given references of the researcher. As mentioned above, there is no hard and fast rule for the number of references required in LLM dissertation writing; therefore, the following guide can provide a general concept about the references:

3. The Topic Idea Of Your Dissertation

The researcher needs to focus on their given topic. There are several types of LLM Dissertation Writing topics, and those are the base of the number of references needed to include in the dissertation. LLM Dissertations are different in nature, and some are based on judgments and case studies. The topics related to case studies need more references as compared to any other legal dissertation. It is due to the depth of case study writing, which further denotes the credibility of the writing when there are more relevant references from other case studies. In the case of general information topics of LLM Dissertation Writing, there may be small numbers of references that can also be sufficient.

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4. Institution Guidelines

Some universities which offer LLM Degrees have their own prescribed guidelines about material and references. Some universities provide specific numbers of references, such as 20, 30, or some demand 50 or more than that. Again, as mentioned above, the base of the decision about the number of references is on the topic depth, nature and methodologies, specifically in LLM Dissertation Writing. Methodologies are also a major factor in deciding the number of resources needed to enter into the dissertation.

5. Content Quality Of An Ideal LLM Dissertation Writing

LLM is a recognizable law degree and plays an important role in a researcher’s career in the future. The quality of LLM Dissertation Writing to finalize the degree is also an essential factor for both researcher and the supervisor. As the dissertation is based on the research questions and problem statement, the quality of the content must be high, and to make an ideal LLM Dissertation, the researcher needs to provide proper, accurate and clear references to previously published material.

It also needs to understand that students should avoid taking support from different writing services companies working throughout the globe. The reason to avoid such universities is due to a number of factors such as their working quality, cost and most importantly, the loss of students’ own working habits and bearing hardships. Students should avoid such facility companies and try to improve their personal writing with clear and high-quality references while LLM Dissertation Writing.


It is revealed that there is no mentioned figure of reference required in LLM Dissertation Writing; however, there are several points to be considered. In LLM Degree, the student needs to understand that different factors may affect the difference in the number of references in the LLM dissertation, such as topic, supervisor guidelines and university requirements. In most universities, supervisors are the final authority to provide and instruct the limit of a number of references due to the quality of work of the researcher and in-depth knowledge about the chosen topic by the student.

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