How to Create a Classroom Behavior Plan

Classroom behaviour plan is a key component of any educational setting. Classroom management plan is actually an interaction of a teacher with the student. Classroom management plan defines the rules of the class. It tells the student what are their duties in the class. It also describes the consequences to break the rules. The classroom management plan is given below;
Philosophical Statement: The class management plan begins with the philosophy of the teacher. The class management plan is actually the image of the teacher’s thought. It tells us that how the teacher wants to teach the students. What kind of behaviour a does teacher demand from their students? The class management plan also describes that what type of environment a teacher wants to create between him and their students. In this way, we can say that without the philosophy of the teacher a classroom management plan can’t be created.

Room Arrangement: The arrangement of a room is also a part of the classroom management plan. An in-room arrangement, everything about the room is decided. The colourful charts, chairs, desks and white or black board all these things come with the room arrangement. In classroom management plan all these things will be decided. The duty of each student relating to the cleanliness of room has also decided by the teacher. The teacher tells the students about their cleanliness duty days. The duties of girls and boys are also decided. There is also decided in the classroom management plan who will handle the class in the case of absence of the teacher. Sometimes, a teacher decides to have a carpet on the floor for the students instead of chairs or desks. This is also the planning of classroom.

School Policies and Procedures: Every school has its own policies and procedures. A classroom management plan should also follow these policies and procedures. For example, if a school has a policy that every classroom must use the chairs instead of desks or carpets then there should be chairs in the classrooms. And a teacher will need not to change it. In a similar way, there may be some other policies of school which are included in the school management plan.

Move on Positive and Negative Reinforcement: To appreciate the students in the class for their brilliant work is very important. This is called the positive educational reinforcement. In this way, the confidence level of the student will boost up and he will be able to perform his work more accurately. By reinforcement, the other students also try to compete with this particular student to get the positive reinforcement from the teacher. In this way, a climate of learning will be created between the students and they will be able to understand each and everything in an accurate way. On the other hand, negative reinforcement is also very important. With this negative reinforcement, the students will also learn in an accurate way.

Seating Arrangement: Seating arrangement is also very important in the class. If you arrange the chairs in a circle for your students then it is a very good thing. In this way, the students will be better able to take part in the discussion. In this way, an environment of learning will be created. In this way, a better eye contact will be created among the students. By sitting the students in the circle, the teacher will take care that no student will be behind the circle or away from the circle. A teacher can also decide that the specific chair for the specific student. A teacher will also make a plan whether students will be sitting according to the roll number wise or simultaneously. The seats for the girls and boys will also be specified in the class management plan.

Try to Motivate Each Student: The motivation of each student in the class is also very important. A teacher should know each student deeply and then decide the ways to motivate each student. One way to motivate the students is to divide different rewards in the students on the bases of different qualities. In this way, a communication between the student and teacher will be created which leads the student towards learning. Another way to motivate the students is to conduct a test and divides the different things among those students who perform well in this test. In this way, a motivation will be created in the students and they will try their best to win the reward in the next test.

Countdown: It is a good technique to warn the students to finish their discussion and pay attention to their lesson. In this way, you can ask their students you will countdown from 10 to 1 and during this countdown all their discussion will be finished. If their discussion will not be finished then they will be punished. This is a good way to get the attention of the students. In school management plan, the consequences of the breaking of rules will also be written. There you will also need to mention that if you break the rule for the first time then you will be warned. If you break the class management rule for the second time then you will be removed from the class for some time. If on the other hand, if you break the class management rule for the third time then a letter will be sent to your home.

In this class management plan, you will need to specify that a question is asked and you know the answer then you will need not to stand from your seat. You just need to raise your hand from your seat and give the answer by sitting on your chair. The student will also need to keep their hand and feet to himself. He is not allowed to freely move his hands and feet in the class. The respect of his teacher by the student is also necessary. The student should also respect the other students also. If you give respect to someone then he will also give you the same respect.
These are the same simple things that a class management plan contains.