Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a type of written genre in which some claim is stated with supporting arguments. The supporting arguments are used as a tool to convince the reader. These supporting arguments are based on logic. The writer uses credible sources such as published articles, scientific studies and trusted news reports; to prove his/her stance. The purpose of the writer in an argumentative essay writing service is to persuade the reader that is why the claim should be genuine in order to be proved on the basis of evidence. For example here are stated different sentences;

Islam is a religion. (Fact)

Islam is a peaceful religion. (Claim)

The first sentence is stating factual information. The second sentence is based on an argument. Now the writer will prove this statement on the basis of some historical and historical information that will support his stance.

Structure of Argumentative Essay

Three main parts of an argumentative essay are:

  • Introduction

The introductory paragraph consists of a thesis statement, background knowledge of the topic and the main argument. Argumentative topics are based on varying opinions. The introduction should start with the main argument and be followed by some background knowledge. The last line of this part is the thesis statement which states the writer’s stance on the topic.

  • Body

The body of the essay consists of the supporting arguments which should be reliable, accurate and trustworthy. The arguments should be well acknowledged and should be based on daily life activities. For example; in “People are Responsible for Energy Crisis in Pakistan” the writer can state examples like wastage of electricity, natural gas, and water in households etc. also influence the energy crisis.

The body consists of supporting arguments but as opinions vary so the writer should also write counter-argument as well. But the counter-argument should also be proving the writer stance more convincing. For example, the writer is of the opinion that the summer season is better. It is quite possible that some people like the winter season because they like snow. The writer should develop such a counter-argument in such a way that “Some people like winter season because they like snow but snow can bring difficulties such as driving hazards etc.

  • Conclusion

The concluding paragraph deals with the accomplishment of the writer’s stance. Two important things are noteworthy i.e. to state the importance of your argument and to draw a picture of the world with and without your stated stance. Avoid writing “in conclusion”, instead write “it is evident”, “these facts reveal” or “the evidence shows that” etc.

Tips for Writing a Better Argumentative Essay

  • More convincing arguments should be used
  • Use reliable sources for developing your argument, such as acknowledging the authorship of a source and avoiding Wikipedia
  • Be objective. Avoid using I in an argumentative essay
  • Be pleasant in your arguments
  • Cite the details and arguments and also explain your arguments
  • Brain Storming: write down all the arguments (both pro/counter) and opt for those arguments that are easier to be elaborated
  • Avoid sophisticated vocabulary.