Role of Thesis Statement in Academic Writing

Thesis Statement

Academic writing is one of the major aspects of academic life. Students have to submit a lot of assignments and coursework during their academic phase of life. The purpose of these tasks is to evaluate your academic understanding and knowledge. At the same time, academic writing is not an easy task. And to cater to this aspect, college students follow different writing techniques.

College-level writing is wholly different and thorough from its previous level of education. The new writing concepts are sometimes hard to understand as well. Professors like to see key elements and terminologies within your writings. Here one of the most important elements in your papers is the thesis statement. It is a summary of the main points of your essay that are written in a sentence, or two. Yet there is an important thing that you need to remember for it. The thing to remember here is that thesis statement appears at the end of your introduction. Most of the time, it portrays the answer to your research topic.

This article aims to discuss the role of a thesis statement in the domain of academic writing. It will also discuss why it is so important. This article aims to guide you on how to write a strong thesis statement. So let’s discuss in detail;

Types, and Examples of Thesis Statement:

Writing a strong thesis statement depends on objective of the work. As a writer, you always ensure this important aspect of your writing. If it does not match with the topic, your readers will lose interest, and will refuse to read your content. It is also important to know that there are three major types of this statement. These are as follows;


As a writer, you analyse, evaluate, and interpret various aspects of your topic. All these things help you in drafting an analytical thesis statement for your writing. Later on, you should analyse key elements, and the conclusion of your paper. Given below is an example of this statement type;

“Britain has a very complicated history, especially with Europe. The country never agreed to integrate into Europe. Over the last fifty years, Europe’s membership policy has changed.”

This statement shows a comprehensive analysis of the topic. This statement also guides readers about the historical analysis within this context. This way, it tells how the researcher wants to investigate the topic in question.


The prime purpose of some papers is to persuade the readers. To persuade your readers, you should consider an argumentative thesis statement. You can add logic, and reasons to this type of statement as well. Given below is an example of an argumentative statement;

“The US House of Representatives is about to vote against federal estate tax law. The reason behind this voting is that revenue generation by this law is negligible.”

This statement shows specific actors, and actions behind the aspect of voting. Apart from this, it shows evidence that nullifies the federal estate tax law.


It is the third type of thesis statement that explains, and discusses facts about the topic in question. In this type, a writer covers the key points that he wants to discuss within his writing. Given below is an example in this regard;

“Surveys and polls show comprehensive stats about UK’s exclusion from the EU. These stats can be divided into several groups like age, gender, and ethnicity.”

Why is Thesis Statement Important?

As mentioned earlier, a thesis statement is one of the most crucial elements of your paper. There are two major reasons that indicate the importance of this statement. Those are as follows;

  • First, it helps the writer in drawing attention towards the main idea of his essay. So it is a key responsibility of the writer to write the main idea of his writing in two, or three sentences. It also helps him with the development of an idea for writing a paper. This statement not only helps the writer, but also guides a reader when he reads. It helps the writer to organising his writing as well.
  • This statement helps the reader in understanding the main idea of writing. This way, a reader understands the whole writing. As mentioned earlier, a thesis comes at the end of the introduction. Later on, it leads towards the body paragraphs. It is the key responsibility of the writer to back up this statement with evidence. Apart from this, a writer can back it up with other supporting ideas. So this is the second reason.

In short, these are two major reasons that show the importance of a thesis statement. It helps the readers in knowing what this reading is about.

Tips for Writing a Thesis Statement:


There are several things that you need to consider while writing a thesis statement. The first, and foremost thing is that of brainstorming. When you have the right ideas and arguments, only then can you write a good statement. You should always plan different aspects of your writing, such as paragraphs. Apart from this, you should think about counterarguments for supporting your stance so that you may turn it to a good literature review.

Make it Specific:

Having a specific answer is another tip for writing a thesis statement. If you fail to write a good statement, it will not serve the purpose. So you should look at your statement as an answer to the research topic that you selected. Make sure to write it in a way that looks specific. This way, your reader knows that your reading is worth their time.

Keep It Simple, But Concise:

It is another major, and one of the most important tips for writing a thesis statement. You should try to write your statement within a single sentence. At the same time, multi-sentence statements are also fine. But you should make sure to avoid too much wordiness for your thesis. A simple, and concise statement serves the purpose of writing in this context.


Throughout our academic life, we submit a lot of academic tasks. The prime purpose of these writings is to evaluate learning, and subject knowledge. With every passing level, the difficulty level increases. At the same time, professors introduce new learning techniques. Such techniques can be difficult to understand at times for the students.

This article discussed about the thesis statement. It is one of the most crucial aspects of writing which describes the summary of ideas. This article also discussed the three types of statements with examples. Apart from this, there are several guidelines that you should follow while writing it. Brainstorming is highly important for writing a strong statement. As a writer, you need to make sure that it’s specific. You should also make sure to keep it simple, and concise. This way, it serves the purpose of writing effectively. However, if still, you feel any confusion or difficulty, best writers at Affordable Dissertation UK can help you.