Most Interesting Thesis Topics in Tourism – Latest List 2023

Thesis Topics in Tourism

As a tourism student, you must study the basics of tourism, event management and hospitality. Choosing the right title for your dissertation among several thesis topics in tourism must be tough for you. Hence our experienced writers have compiled a list of the most recent thesis topics to assist you in finding the right one. These topics are relevant, latest and researchable enough to conduct a detailed research study.

You can even customise these thesis topics per your need. Let us explore the list now.

What Are the Latest and Most Interesting Thesis Topics in Tourism In 2023?

Tourism management has been one of the most interesting areas of the tourism industry in recent years. Mainly, it involves travelling for recreation, enjoyment and leisure. People travelling around the globe for leisure and entertainment are called tourists. The tourism industry has grown tremendously in recent years due to increasing globalisation. Several countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, and Maldives, promote tourism as it is the largest source of income for such countries. It provides employment opportunities for people from the working class and several other businesses.

Following is a list of the most recent research problems and questions you can choose for research for your dissertation. Our researchers handpick all these thesis topics in tourism, which are original and novel. You will be free to modify a thesis topic per your requirements if you need to do so. These topics can also be used to narrow or filter your research for a tourism dissertation.

  1. International education tourist programs and the contribution of British and UK students to promote such programs
  2. The substantial role of strategic human resource management in developing sustainable competitive benefits in contemporary budget hotel chains
  3. What are the ways to promote Beaumaris-Prison in Anglesey, Wales, as a new dark tourism site in the UK?
  4. A study of the analysis of government instability and its effect on the tourism economy (When a place suffers from political problems, it will drive tourists away – a study of the possible implications of both factors on each other.)
  5. Why do international students prefer and choose the United Kingdom as the best education destination in the world?
  6. Tourism after the coronavirus pandemic: is it a way forward for the hospitality and tourism industry in the UK or any other country of your preference?
  7. How can the economic conditions of a country affect its local tourism industry? A detailed study of the economic factors impacting the tourism sector.
  8. An assessment of the effect of government rules, regulations and policies on the development of the tourism industry. (You can involve a case study of developing countries)
  9. A thorough analysis of the impact of the natural hazards on the tourism industry of the UK (Also, an addition of recommendations regarding some effective measures can be implemented to minimise the risk of natural calamities and hazards.)
  10. An assessment of the preferences and the factors which impact the decision of tourists to travel to the Dark Tourism Site
  11. A detailed process study involves investigating the potential marketing and communication tools. The relation of using such communication tools with the ways to encourage any country of the world as the best place to persuade higher education
  12. A detailed study examines the satisfaction level of university students returning from cultural exchange programmes in the US.
  13. The efficiency of several marketing and communication tools which Thai plastic surgery and extreme makeover service providers employ to attract tourists (It will also involve an investigation into the perception and attitude of British travellers.)
  14. A process study involves identifying and discussing several critical marketing strategies to encourage and promote a weight loss centre in the UK.
  15. A detailed study examines the factors that influence British women’s decision to purchase body contour tour packages in East Asia.
  16. An investigation involves analysing the underlying factors considered by British citizens when trying to choose a destination to spend winter holidays.
  17. How did the tourism industry of Thailand respond to the Tsunami? (You will need to dive into the past to establish how the Thai government and tourism industry responded to the aftermath of the Tsunami.)
  18. An extensive study involves analysing the factors impacting the motivation of employees in the luxury hotels of Dubai.
  19. A study involving the analysis of the increasing popularity of cruise travel among hundreds of British tourists in South Africa
  20. An investigation of the prime factors influencing British customers’ leisure and luxury hotel buying decisions

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As a tourism and hospitality student looking to get good grades, developing new ideas and researching potential problems in your field of study is mandatory. It will add value to your research topic, and your work will be deemed new in the eyes of your contemporaries. The thesis topics in tourism we have discussed in our article will help you work on potential research problems and break new grounds of research for your fellow researchers. If you need further help or assistance with writing your dissertation, hire our dissertation writing service to cater to your needs.

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