What Types Of Source Material Are Used When You Have To Submit Your University Dissertation?

Source Material Are Used When You Have To Submit Your University Dissertation

So, you have chosen your dissertation topic. Do you know what the next stage is? Yes, you have guessed it right; the next stage is about collecting the right type of information and data to research your chosen topic. Majorly, you will be using books and research papers to extract the relevant information. However, there are many other sources that you can use in your dissertation. What types of source materials are they? Where can you find them? Today’s article is going to answer all questions related to these. So, let’s start discussing the types of source material one by one.

Types Of Source Materials You Can Use In A Dissertation

Sources of information for a dissertation are often categorised into three categories, i.e., primary, secondary, and tertiary sources. The basis of these categories, as defined by a dissertation writing service, is the originality of the content and the source of origin. These are the factors that make a difference. So, in this post, I will discuss each source and its sub-sources in detail. Let’s start with the primary ones.

Primary Sources Of Material For A Dissertation

Primary sources are direct and firsthand information that does not contain any foreign commentary and interpretation. It is the information that is published for the first time, and the original researcher conducts and shows the research results. Simply put, you can say that it is a fresh piece of information that is never conducted or shared before. Finding this type of source is not difficult but costly. The reason is that the original researchers often do not offer this information for free. However, if you want it free, contact dissertation writing services. Such services can provide you with sufficient samples. A brief description of the sources under this category is as follows:

1. Theses And Dissertations

The first type of source material for submitting a good university assignment is a thesis or a dissertation itself. There are many websites online where you can download such sources for free and study them offline. A thesis or a dissertation is the original piece of research, and it is the original firsthand information that can help you craft a perfect dissertation. There are many cheap dissertation writing services that provide free thesis samples.

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2. Scholarly Journal Articles

Journal articles are the second type of source material that falls under the category of primary sources. A lot of scientific journals are published each year. According to an estimate, more than 28000 journals publish more than 1.8 million research papers per year worldwide. This number is humongous, and you can easily find information relevant to your topic easily. All you need is to go to the website of a journal and search for your category.

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3. Interviews

Interviews are another source of material, and it is also a primary source. The researcher sits with the interviewee and asks him one-on-one questions on the research topic. The interviewee, based on his understating, respond to those questions. The information generated through this process is always primary and firsthand. So, you can also use such sources in your dissertation.

Secondary Sources Of Material For A Dissertation

The second type of source material that you can use in your dissertation comes from secondary sources. These are such sources which include interpretation of the primary sources. The authors of such sources often explain and manipulate the primary sources and give their own interpretation of the ideas and arguments. Such sources are the pieces of work that tend to summarise, interpret, or reorganise the originally published information, i.e., primary. Finding such sources in the literature or online is not difficult at all. Many top dissertation writing services in the UK offer these sources of information completely free to the students. However, a brief description of such services is as follows:

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1. Review Articles Published Online

Nowadays, many researchers critique the work of other researchers and publish that work online. This critique of the original writing is a secondary source which you can use in your dissertation. The author of the review or commentary articles gives his own interpretations and ideas based on the results of the research. He adds comments and critiques the original research to explain it better from another angle.

2. Reviews Of Laws And Legislation

If you are a law student, you must know what legislation is. If you do not know, go to the website of a cheap dissertation writing service, and you will find its meaning there. However, the point is that reviews of law and legislation in the law also come under secondary sources. The reason is that they are the interpretations of the law done by the Courts or Parliaments. As a law student, you can use such sources in your dissertation.

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3. Political Commentaries

Political analysis and commentaries are secondary sources of material that you can use to submit your university dissertation. In such sources, the writers present their views on the current and original political situation in a country. You can also use such kinds of commentaries to take the material relevant to your dissertation topic. Many best dissertation writing services offer such commentaries in their blogs.

Tertiary Sources Of Material For A Dissertation

These are the sources that index, abstract, organise, or compile other sources of information. So, any writing with the purpose of creating a list of references or simply packaging the ideas is also a tertiary source of information. Finding such sources is quite difficult because they are not much common. However, if you search using the right keywords, you can find them easily. If you are still unable to find it, do not forget to go to the website of affordable dissertation writing services. Some tertiary sources of information are Dictionaries, Fact Books, Guidebooks, or Directories.


Conclusively, primary, secondary, and tertiary sources are three types of source material you can use in a dissertation. The examples of these sources are explained above one by one. Just read them and find them on the internet. However, if you encounter difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the best dissertation writing services UK. Such services can help you a lot.

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