What Is The Solution If You Detect Copied Content In Your Own Written Dissertation After Multiple Attempts?

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Writing a perfect dissertation in the first attempt is not possible for the majority of the student, except for a few extraordinary genius students. Mostly, throughout an academic life, students are asked to complete short assignments of approximately 1500 to 3000 words. Handling short assignments is relatively a simple task that almost all students can proficiently deal with.

However, dissertation writing includes a long list of technicalities like selecting a topic that is not too narrow or broad, collecting data from already published scholarly work without committing plagiarism, choosing the data analysis method that can extract the best results by processing raw data, and many more.

Most of these technicalities can be dealt by following a step-by-step guide, but unintentional plagiarism is inevitable and sometimes difficult to remove even after multiple attempts. If despite all your efforts, you still find some copy-paste content in your dissertation, you are at the right place. This article will discuss all practical ways to solve all plagiarism-related problems in a dissertation.

1. Know What Type Of Content Will Be Considered Plagiarised?

As a matter of course, plagiarism is simply the act of copying the material, idea, or fact from someone else’s work and passing it off as your own work. The act of copying ideas, vocabulary, sentences, themes, and even images all lie under the umbrella of plagiarism. Copied content may be considered plagiarised if it falls under any pre-defined category of plagiarism, including direct plagiarism, accidental plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and incremental plagiarism. Getting in-depth knowledge about different types of plagiarism is the first and most practical solution to deliberately avoid it in your dissertation.

2. Use References To Avoid Similarity With Other Scholarly Work:

Writing a complete piece of thesis on your own is near to impossible. The use of evidence, theories, and examples from other scholarly work is essential to developing arguments and proving a scientific claim. Using evidence and other related pieces of information in a dissertation by copying material from others’ work without committing plagiarism is only possible by giving proper references. The presence of references explains that the information originally belongs to someone else’s intellectual property; thus, even the copied content will not be considered plagiarised in this way. Still, for proper references, different style guides are freely available on the internet, and you can also seek help from the best dissertation writing services UK.

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3. Avoid Using Online Plagiarism Removing Tools:

In a student’s view, the easiest way to get rid of copied content in a dissertation is to upload a document on online free plagiarism removing tool and enjoy the success. No doubt, these tools are devised to help students in their hours of need, but most of them have many breaches. Such breaches may spoil all your efforts and ruin the overall quality of content provided in the dissertation.

4. Search For An Affordable Dissertation Writing Service:

Searching for a cheap dissertation writing service is an ideal solution for those who want to complete a dissertation without getting out of their budget. Students often have a limited budget, so instead of getting a formatting guide from some expensive dissertation writing services, search results as an output of the keyword ‘cheap dissertation writing services’ can best help students to get a guide at affordable rates.

 5. What If The Knowledge About Types Of Plagiarism And Reference Guides Fails To Improve The Similarity Index Score?

            Knowing ways of avoiding plagiarism and getting guidance from top dissertation writing services will be helpful only while drafting a thesis. However, once a thesis is completed, and at the time of submission, if a student comes to know that despite multiple attempts the software has detected some copied content in a dissertation, then what will be a possible solution? After writing complete dissertations or after multiple attempts to avoid copy-paste content in a thesis, if you lose courage, then the only solution left behind is to search for some best dissertation writing services to select the most appropriate one depending upon the nature of your task.

6. Never Use Paraphrasing As A Tool To Remove Plagiarism:

Mostly, when students are asked to remove the detected copy-paste material from a dissertation, they try to remove it by hook or by crook. Mostly, students are only familiar with ‘Paraphrasing’ as a tool to dodge plagiarism checking software. Paraphrasing can dodge software, but it may not help you in introducing your own ideas. Remember, stating someone else’s ideas in your own words is also a type of plagiarism. Thus, instead of submitting a dissertation by only changing the arrangement or sequence of words and sentences, a more practical solution is to consult professional writers working at the best dissertation services UK.

7. Remove Detected Copied Content Without Sacrificing A Dissertation’s Quality:

Removing plagiarism beyond a certain limit deteriorates the overall quality of a dissertation. This really happens to almost all students. A good quality dissertation increases the chances of producing a good research paper that helps students to kick-start their research careers. A thesis submitted after using poor copied content removing practices can only help in getting a degree but cannot help in becoming a renowned scientist. In the stress of meeting deadlines and completing a degree timely, students often neglect the importance of the quality of content provided in a dissertation. Thus, professional writers working at a popular dissertation writing service with the motto to open doors to success for all students never compromise on quality.

Final Thoughts:

After all is said and done, it can be concluded that without getting material from an authentic source of information, writing an outclass dissertation is not possible. However, copying someone else’s idea without using suggested guidelines will be considered as an act of committing plagiarism. The solution to both of these problems lies in the above-mentioned seven solutions. In a few simple words, using others’ statements only as an example, proof, and evidence with proper references is the right way to source a dissertation. For this, you can get help from any professional writing service.

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