20+ Compelling Economics Dissertation Topics to Spark Your Research

Economics Dissertation Topics

The field of economics has changed completely in modern times. Today, economists perceive economics from a new and different outlook than traditional economics. Economics students have become almost mandatory to view the subject from varying perspectives, such as anthropology, sociology, geography and several other aspects. In this article, our deft researchers and writers have provided you with the best and latest 20+ economics dissertation topics. These topics are fresh, novel and the latest in 2023.

You can choose any of these economics dissertation topics and use them as your dissertation title and a base for all your research work.

The Best and the Latest Economics Dissertation Topics in 2023:

  1. Show the effect of transaction cost on the economic development of a county by using various analyses and methods.
  2. What was the effect and influence of oil price fluctuation on the businesses of oil-importing and exporting countries?
  3. Show the influence of gender inequality issues on work productivity and economic growth. This research will involve a case study on developing countries.
  4. Conduct research to identify the influence of coronavirus on banking and the future of banking activities after the global pandemic.
  5. What factors are involved in job creation and destruction in the UK?
  6. Describe the role played by the local ethics and culture in shaping the economic and entrepreneurial development of various businesses’ activities.
  7. Present a critical analysis of the diversity in the entrepreneurial approaches emigrants use and their role in the economic dynamics of a country.
  8. Discuss the role of the European Regional Policy in modifying or shaping places in the UK.
  9. Shed light on the causes of regional diversity. This study shall also include an analysis and comparison between the poorest and richest places in the UK.
  10. Assess the economic geography of the top IT firms in the UK and discuss the role of the geographical location on the economics related to a particular IT firm.
  11. Analyse the impact of the oligopoly concept in the UK markets. This study shall critically analyse the oligopoly existing in the UK markets.
  12. Present an analysis of the different approaches diverse, successful tech firms adopt. Also, discuss the common traits of the top internet tech firms in the US.
  13. Analyse the different cases of salary inequalities in the United States and the forces plus factors behind such inequalities. Provide a critical analysis of the situation.
  14. Present a detailed study of the exploration of the value of labour in the United Kingdom. Discuss the UK’s value of skilled and unskilled labour and present a critical analysis.
  15. What is the link between minimum wages and British employment? Provide a critical analysis of the relevant case studies.
  16. Discuss the answer to the question of how professional training can influence the British employment pattern.
  17. Discuss if economic productivity and innovation are interrelated each other in an economy or not. Give a case study of the UK services industry and analyse the relationship between economic productivity and innovation.
  18. Discuss whether a blend of diverse cultures plays a significant role in increasing the productivity level of the UK market. Choose a UK firm and give the readers a critical analysis of the situation.
  19. Explore in detail the role played by the university networks in shaping the entrepreneurial actions and behaviours in a society.
  20. Assess the important factors behind the economic power of a successful firm in the UK. Analyse the building factors behind such a firm.
  21. Evaluate the role played by the bureaucracy in the productivity levels of the United Kingdom.
  22. Analyse the major forces which operate behind the concept of ownership and control in the markets of the UK.
  23. Discuss the concept of latent entrepreneurship in detail and provide a comparative analysis between Europe and the United Kingdom.
  24. Discuss whether a firm’s profit in the UK depends on its size. Provide a case study of the manufacturing firms from the UK.
  25. Provide a critical analysis of the extent to which the environment is responsible for shaping economic business behaviours.

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The 25+ best and most recent economics dissertation topics that we have included in this article will help you get started with your economics dissertation’s research and writing process. PhD-qualified writers and expert academic researchers have developed these topics, so you can feel free to test the credibility of these topic ideas. Feel free to choose any of these economics dissertation topics and start drafting your dissertation!

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